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Welcome to Masonic World! This site is for Master Masons or those interested in Freemasonry. What is Freemasonry... if you are new to Freemasonry, you will discover this world...It has to be remembered that of the many objectives of Freemasonry, one is to search for knowledge, knowledge that is currently not possessed by the individual. Such knowledge can be obtained in many ways, such as by researching a particular subject, and by reading books on the particular subject. Another method is to exchange ideas and thoughts with like-minded people. Sometimes, if this is combined by using stimulus material, the discussions can be even more interesting, dynamic, and ultimately more useful. This is the purpose of this site, to promote ideas that Masons, and non-Masons may exchange ideas, views, or add their unique facts to it. In summary way.


The intent of this website is basically twofold: first, to provide the new member of Masonry with more information about the Fraternity, its structure, practices and symbolism; and secondly, to offer suggestive approaches for further research if one is so inclined. We feel that there is not only a great need for this type of information but also a great desire for it as well. Masonic education begins with the study of the rituals themselves. After that, the newly made Mason is given the Monitor for personal study. For some this is enough, but for others it is not. These pages provide the next logical step for the student of the mysteries of Masonry. It is not our purpose here to repeat what is contained within our Rituals or in the Monitor but to stimulate the mind and provoke further research by offering a variety of approaches to consider. This website will be growing day after day, full of explanation of the mysteries of Masonry that all like to know and to discover. Each day you will find a new article or lesson. Stay tuned here...


What is the purpose of Masonry? One of its most basic purposes is to make good men even better. We try to place emphasis on the individual man by strengthening his character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook, and broadening his mental horizons. We try to impress upon the minds of our members the principles of personal responsibility and morality, encouraging each member to practice in his daily life the lessons taught through symbolic ceremonies in the lodge. One of the universal doctrines of Freemasonry is the belief in the "Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God". The importance of this belief is established by each Mason as he practices the three principle tenets of Masonry: Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

Masonry is also the custodian of a tradition of initiation. It is the duty of every Freemason to preserve and perpetuate this tradition for future ages. This is a heavy responsibility and should give pause to any who would seek to make changes in the body of the Craft, except those with the highest motives and deepest understanding of the principles involved.

Greetings from the Grand Commander.

As the Grand Commander of this ORIENT, I welcome you here

Welcome to the virtual world of Regular Freemasonry, that is to say, the virtual world of traditional Freemasonry. 

I turned away and walked into the parking lot, knowing that I would never return. As I walked into the deepening darkness of that springtime night, I was walking into the growing light of the living God. As the natural darkness closed around me, the supernatural light welled up within me. With every step I took, as the Temple receded behind me, I was more free.

"I will never return," I thought with each step. "I will never return, I will never return...."

The decision was made, the die was cast. From that night onward I would serve the true and living God, not the Great Architect of the Universe. I would exalt and learn of Him, not Osiris, Krishna or Demeter. I would seek and follow Jesus, not the will--the-wisp of "hidden wisdom."

I was walking, after such a long time, out of the darkness and into the light.


 The Freemason is a man faithful to his commitments.  Beyond the generations and the centuries, the Regular Freemason continues the tradition the raisons d'être for which do not change: perfecting the man, solidarity, tolerance, and the advancement of civilisation.  Not for him the personal glory, but study, reflection, discreet generosity, friendliness and brotherhood.  Regular Freemasonry brings together men of all occupations and of all philosophical views in a personal undertaking that serves all humanity. 

Traditional Masonry does not itself participate in the debate nor express opinions, but listens with tolerance and with a respect for the opinions of others while encouraging personal development.

It is our aim to supply information about the traditional and regular freemasonry as it exists throughout the world and is also practiced in Lebanon.

Freemasonry is the bearer of a fraternal message, which has lived in the hearts of millions of men for centuries. Though they do not realize it themselves, numerous people have affinities with freemasonry, namely all those who - be it in silent isolation - strive after an existence enlightened by the spirit and who, by a personal search and apart from galling systems, try to get to know the others and the world; all those who have the impression that their personal search could develop more comfortably in a fraternal society, in an Order which offers the initiatic way to knowledge.

So this site wants to show to these people of goodwill what the traditional and regular freemasonry is in fact, and at the same time to do away with a number of falsified images and wrong ideas.

Many people consider freemasonry a secret society that has an ample share in the battle against the influence of churches, especially against the catholic church, or an organization that conducts a ceaseless anticlerical or anti-religious campaign based on free examination. Moreover, freemasonry is often viewed as a notorious pressure group with a strong impact on the political world and on the national institutions, in order to ensure a valuable support for itself and its members.

This is a widespread, but terribly warped image through which opportunists of all kinds, naive lovers of awful secrets and people obsessed by anti-clericalism were attracted by certain deviating forms of freemasonry.

This image, however, has nothing to do with the spiritual and initiatic freemasonry. Freemasonry does not offer any philosophical system, no psychological remedy, no religious option. It does not present to its members a reliable key to happiness, or magical or mystic cures.

Its traditional task is to convey a spiritual influence, which may contribute to the realization and liberation of the human individual, at least of those people who are apt to receive it.

In doing so, freemasonry offers a working-method, a means which paves the path of personal search for the benefit of all wanting to elevate themselves spiritually, of those who recognize and practice the fraternity of men.

He who wants to give another dimension to his existence, may realize this ambition through the ritual practice and the work with symbols which our Order offers, away from the profane world, the earthly commotion and the ideological disputes in which it does not interfere. 

 Welcome to the ORIENT .

Souvereign Grand Commander


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