1. Freemasonry affirms the existence of God, Supreme Being whom it calls the Great Architect of the Universe. It demands from all its members that they acknowledge this affirmation. This requirement is absolute and admits of no compromise or restriction.

Freemasonry does not define the Supreme Being and leaves its members absolutely free to form their own concept of him.

2. Freemasonry is an initiatic association which, through its symbolic teaching, heightens men spiritually and morally and so contributes to improving humanity by practicing the ideals of peace and brotherly love.

3. All Masonic work is done To the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe and in the presence of the Three Great Lights of Freemasonry : the Volume of the Sacred Law under the Square and Compasses, upon which all obligations must be taken.

4. Initiation may only be conferred upon men, aged at least 21, known to be honest, free and of good conduct and report, men of honor, loyalty and discretion.

5. Freemasons refrain from giving support to such actions as could trouble the peace and order of society, they submit to the laws of the country in which they are allowed to assemble and they serve their country loyally. They may not mention their membership of the Order when engaging in any activity whatsoever in public affairs.

6. Affirming freedom of conscience, Freemasonry demands from its members that they respect the opinion of others. For this reason no discussions on political or religious matters are allowed in Lodge.

7. Freemasons form groups entrusted with the initiatic filiations and called Lodges. These Lodges, subject to the rules of the Grand Lodge under ORIENT authority, are autonomous and bound only by the principles stated in this Constitution.

8. The ORIENT is an independent organization exercising full authority over the Lodges in its territory. It does not recognize within its jurisdiction any authority superior or equal to its own over the three symbolic degrees (Apprentice, Fellow-Craft and Master Mason).

9. The ORIENT entertains relations only with those Grand Lodges that observe the principles and traditional rules laid out in this Constitution. It refuses to participate in national or international meetings admitting representatives or members of obedience not recognized by it. It forbids its members to participate in Masonic meetings held under such obedience. It also forbids its Lodges to admit as visitors members of such obedience. It has the power to sanction by suspension or expulsion those who offend against these rules and principles.

10. The present Constitution is immutable. Any regulation or action contrary to its provisions shall be null and void.

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