The freemasons are grouped in Lodges, where the successive initiations take place through several degrees and during ritual ceremonies.

The initiatic transmission of a certain spiritual influence happens through a fixed method in which symbolism plays an important role.

The ritual themes are inspired mainly by biblical tales, a.o. related to the building of Salomon's Temple. The initiation appeals to the entire man, with all the possibilities of his intelligence, his reason, his comprehension, his intuition and his heart. It has nothing whatsoever to do with a dogmatic teaching. The meetings usually take place at night, twice or three time as month, except in summer. The initiatic transmission of a certain fraternity is an event in which all members, whatever their social descent or rank may be, find each other on terms of equality.

Freemasonry knows only differences that are related to personal merits. It brings men in touch with each other who come from very divergent circles.

As freemasons, the members of the Order are builders. They are building a spiritual Temple, thanks to the rituals in which they participate, thanks to their meditation and their work within and on themselves. They are building at themselves, so that they become more enlightened, more fraternal and more concerned for the eternal than for things temporal, more worried about the essence than about the things confined by time and space.

The ritual meetings are often followed by a meal in common. Remarkable in Masonic life is undoubtedly the opposition between the earnestness and modesty of the meetings and the relaxed, friendly and joyful atmosphere during the meals.

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